Question of the Day

If you could take a year off to travel, where would you go?



4 thoughts on “Question of the Day”

  1. Everywhere? I know it’s a broad answer, but there’s too much to be seen in this world for me, at least, to narrow it down to anyplace specifically.

  2. Okay, so I’m afraid to fly, and afraid of deep water (ie: Oceans) so it’s a fairly accurate assumption that I would spend that year exploring North and perhaps South America. I’m a road trip junkie, so I could see myself driving the entire lower 48, and possibly Canada and Mexico, just to see all kinds of crazy sites. Ever seen the Worlds Biggest Ball of Twine? Me either, but I would go if I happened to be close.

    1. Thanks for sharing Lori i agree with the road trip I love to drive and I also think by driving you get to see a lot more thing compared to flying on taking a trip by ship. Thanks

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