Suicide Mission

Russ Towne's A Grateful Man

I’ve just begun a new story on the blog I created for those who like to read my fictional short stories. The blog is called “Imaginings of a Grateful Man” and can be found at

The new story is titled, “Suicide Mission”. Below is a taste of it. I invite you to check it out

With Love,

Suicide Mission
By Russ Towne

He awoke from yet another fitful night of sleep, but today would be unlike anything he’d ever experienced before. As he thought about what was to come in the next few hours he felt a surge of excitement, anticipation, fear, and resignation. This was it. Today. The culmination of what felt like a lifetime of planning and preparation.

The papers had finally come. It was about to begin. He even got to choose the agent who would join him on the mission. Her name was Michelle…

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