Thank You

Hello everyone, 

I just want to thank each and everyone for stopping by and liking my posts. It’s been hard this first part of the year to try and keep it going with work, family life and other things happening in my life I’m cutting back a bit on daily post to weekly post. Have a great weekend! 


The Illusion of Control

Teacher as Transformer

The Illusion of Control.

The link contains a wonderful quote from Maya Angelou and an article explaining the importance of letting go to bring peace to one’s self.

A lack of control over the world and our self feels good. We become explorers rather than chasers who hunt and gather. The hunting and gathering become part of the exploring. When we pause and are present in living, the world embraces us. We create in the embrace that follows as part of a larger community. There is not a forcing, but an ease with which we live life.

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