I was nominated…

I was nominated for the Readers Appreciation Award by news of the times I’m speechless .. Thanks so much for the nominating me news of the times.. I’ve enjoy reading News of the times and I know you will also, so check out News Of The Times.. Thanks once again!

The rules for the Readers Appreciation Award:

  • List something you’ve been up to lately.
  • Nominate 6 other blogs.

Six blogs that I love to read:

Blessed with a star on the forehead: A very uplifting blog that I enjoy reading..

Make Believe Boutique: This will keep you going all day its very interesting and very well thought out..

Lesley Carter : I love to see what the Bucket List has in store for me each day there’s something everyday that will catch your eye each and every time you visit…

GYA Today : GYA is another great blog that I enjoy reading keep up the nice work..

Going Dutch : This is very colorful blog that I love to read I’m just crazy about nature…

Aspire Quotes : If you love quotes like I do then this is a great blog to get a daily dose of inspiration…

And something that I’ve been up is renovating two bathrooms and the kitchen with my wife and I tell you is if you every have seen renovation realities on diynetwork you know what I’m talking about I should have film our renovations, but its all going well so far.. Thanks and have a great day..

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